Jeep FAQ's
Some common questions and answers for our beloved Jeeps.
1. What will I need to change from a 6 volt electrical system to a 12 volt electrical system? You will need to change: Headlights, coil, voltage regulator, starter, generator, solenoid, and reducers.
2. My T-90 transmission seems to pop out of second gear while driving. What causes this and how can I correct it? The problem you are experiencing is caused by worn teeth on both the second gear and the synchronizer itself. This can be corrected by replacing both parts.
3. I am considering dropping a bigger engine in my Willys. Any advice? DON'T !! The Doctor only deals with original and aftermarket parts so we don't recommend any major conversions such as dropping a big block Chevy in a older Willys that was only meant for a top speed of about 50 mph. Today's more powerful engines mean higher torque and the older transmissions and axles were not designed to with stand modern highway speeds.
4. My carb sucks air through the throttle shaft, flooding the engine and shooting black smoke out of the exhaust.? The Doctor recommends that you either rebuild the carburetor or replace it with an aftermarket . Contact Us for more info.
5. What will the 12 volt wiper conversion fit? The 12 volt wiper conversion replaces the vacuum assisted wipers on the PICKUPS and WAGONS and utilizes the existing cables and hardware.
6. I need a top for my CJ. Any ideas? The Doctor has new soft tops with doors for all CJ's. Contact Us for more info.
7. Where are you located? Click the link for the Interactive Map.